Art and chill? Pinto Art’s the Hive!

Who else is an art enthusiast who appreciates art in every form?

Who else loves museums?

Apparently last 21st of April, my friends and I visited a museum in the heart of Antipolo. It is famous for its instagrammable ambiance, pure chill plus numerous displays of artworks like paintings, sculptures, artistic stuff alongside with its unique architectural design.

And I am talking about the Pinto Art Museum! With its mere design, millennials and millennials at heart will surely embrace it! No doubt it garners a lot of visitors since it was noticed through social media promotional posts specifically through the magic of facebook. But more than that, the passion of the owner of the Pinto Art Museum is the most admirable. We all love to see passion turning into visualized output. And Pinto Art’s a proof that passion is the heart of every successful engagements.

Located at 1 Sierra Madre Street, Grand Heights Subdvision stand Pinto Art Museum with various artworks and displays.

Lets take a glance of some of the displays:

Diplayed at the Gallery 1 is a highly noticeable painting, a sort of abstract painting.
There are also displays of artworks that shows great sentiments.
Here’s a photo of me striking a good pose in the midst of the galleries.
Wire art of a romantic couple.
Get your cameras on focus as you strike poses for your instagram posts!

Pinto Art Museum is definitely a perfect place to appreciate art and bond with your friends. Gates open at 9am until 6pm.


Students: 100php
Adult: 200php

From Cubao, ride a jeepney (est 27php) going to Antipolo Simbahan (church). Drop off at Puregold Antipolo. From there, take a tricycle (15php) to Pinto Art Museum.

1. Never entertain vendors that offers rosary for free then eventually asks for a mandatory donation unless you have the intention to buy one. This is based on our experience.
2. For students, bring your ID for discount.
3. Eat before entering the museum. Foods and drinks inside the premises are quite expensive.
4. Anticipate traffic. Well, as usual.

To all artsy buddies out there! It won’t cost you too much to visit this museum. What are you guys waiting for? Pack all your cameras and you’re on the go! Pinto Art Museum is the hive for you all!

For more of Pinto Art, feel free to visit their facebook page at


6 Replies to “Art and chill? Pinto Art’s the Hive!”

  1. I was amazed and felt jealous when I saw this! Lols. Hoooo 🙂 Hope to visit this place with you brother! Great job 🙂


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